Winchester Cathedral Christmas Market, in Winchester, Hampshire, UK

Every year for the past 6 or so years, I have gone to the very popular Christmas Market that is set in the grounds of Winchester Cathedral. I have always enjoyed going, trying out the food stalls, watching people ice skating (or trying not to fall over) and looking at the items that people are selling, perhaps buying a few things for myself or presents for other people.

However, this year, I was slightly disappointed in the range of stalls that were present. Some of the stalls were selling the exact same things, and there wasn’t much variety in the stalls present, for example three stalls in a row were selling gin and I saw at least three stalls selling the same cardigans for children!

The crafts section of the market on the other hand was delightful, selling things that people had made themselves and were selling things like hand drawn cards, essential oils, and scarfs, gloves and hats.

The food section was also good, especially ‘The Gourmet Cheese’ stall that sold toasted cheese sandwiches (my favourite being ‘The Christmas Quacker’) alongside a pickled gherkin. Also, there was plenty of variety in the food market that you could choose from.

All in all, the Christmas Market at Winchester Cathedral was good this year, but not as great as it has been in previous years.

If you want to visit the Winchester Cathedral Christmas Market, you only have until Friday 22nd December 2017!

Check out their website here:

Or their facebook page here:

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