Chocolate from Chococo Cafe in Winchester, UK

I went into Chococo Cafe today in Winchester, where they sell hot chocolate and other chocolatey gifts. I bought the above two items in the picture, the ‘Heavenly Honeycombe Clusters’ and the ‘Sea Salt and Cocoa Nibs’ chocolate slab pieces.

Usually, I go in there to have a hot chocolate, but today I didn’t have enough time so just bought some chocolates. I can say though, that their 100% dark chocolate hot chocolate with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and either mint or orange flavouring is absolutely to die for! It is absolutely delicious.

So, on to the taste test. The honeycomb pieces are basically thick bricks of chocolate with pieces of honeycomb in the middle. It is very hard to get your teeth into, but still very nice once you manage to break a bit off!

The Sea Salt and Cocoa Nibs chocolate on the other hand is thin pieces broken off of a larger slab (at my own guess) with small pieces of sea salt and cocoa chunks mixed into it. This has an absolutely brilliant taste as the salt enhances the flavour and the cocoa nibs ad a bit of texture.

They had loads of other products in their shop, including a chocolate dinosaur and a chocolate rubber duck! For easter, they even do a dinosaur easter egg with chocolate fossils inside!

Check out their website here:

Or their facebook page here:

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