The Travelling Cupcake in Andover, UK

I went into The Travelling Cupcake in Andover town centre today as I was just passing by their shop and saw some wonderfully decorated cakes in the window (I know, I get tempted too easily!)

I came out having bought four cupcakes (two rainbow/unicorn ones and two toffee ones) (see pictures). The rainbow coloured ones looked so beautiful, I had to buy them, and I absolutely love toffee.

Starting with the rainbow ones, on closer inspection, it has edible glitter and either a sugar rainbow or unicorn on the top and even the cake is rainbow coloured.



That is pretty epic!

Now for the taste test: It was very sweet, but really nice, if a little on the stodgy side, but all in all a good cake.


Now for the toffee ones: topped with toffee sauce and fudge pieces with very sweet toffee flavoured butter icing, this makes for a very tempting cake. The cake itself had a very sweet toffee taste and again a bit on the stodgy side. Actually, it might be way too sweet for me!

As with these two types of cakes that I bought, I definitely prefer the rainbow one as the toffee was too sweet.

If you’re in Andover, have a look through their shop window at their display cakes, they really are wonderful.

Or, have a look at their facebook page:

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